DANDELI- Moments into Memories

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Dandeli city situated on the banks of River Kali in Uttara Kannada District and 480 km from Bangalore is famous for its peaceful and calm Wildlife Sanctuary, which spreads over 834.16 sq.km and is honored as the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka.

Dandeli also offers a picture perfect set up for white water rafting and has become one of the important tourist’s destinations of Karnataka attracting many local and foreign tourists.


Flora and FaunaDandeli has one of the rich reserves of moist deciduous and semi-ever-green forests, which also holds great bamboo cultivation. The wildlife sanctuary here is a home to Tigers, leopards, black panthers, elephants, Gaur, deer, antelopes and many kinds of reptiles like crocodiles and various other types of snakes. It also nests birds like golden-backed woodpecker, crested serpent eagle, white breasted kingfisher, grey hornbill, great pinned hornbill, the Malabar pied hornbill.

There are Safari jeeps for adventurous drives by trained naturalists to experience the beauty of flora and fauna in their natural habitat.


Activities in Dandeli: There are lot of activities that can be enjoyed in Dandeli like: Wildlife safari, white water rafting in river kali, adventurous activities like Kayaking and mountain biking.

The best time to visit the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is between March and October. The sanctuary is open between 6am- 6pm.

Other attractions include Vantage Point for Supa Dam view, backwaters of Supa Dam, crocodile viewing on River Kali, Syntheri rocks, Kayala Caves, Skyes Point and Vincholi Rapids.

Anshi National Park Dandeli:


Anshi National Park is a wildlife tourism destination for those who love spending their holiday in exploring rich wildlife and experience the picture perfect scenic beauty of the Western Ghats. Because of its location in North Western Ghats, Anshi National Park is declared as endangered by the World Wide Fund for Nature to protect the rich biodiversity of the area. Apart from nesting the endangered species of flora and fauna, Anshi National Park also homes 200 rare species of birds, so it is a heaven for bird watchers.

Accommodation in Dandeli:

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Take a break and escape to the picturesque location of Dandeli with serene surroundings and captivating forest areas, lakes, waterfalls and the flowing river with a perfect blend of exotic wildlife, adventure and sightseeing.

Picturesque Ladakh

Ladakh (48)

Located at the western side of the Himalayas and protected by the four mountain ranges namely Himalayan, Zanskar, Ladakh and Karakoram- Ladakh is a region still untouched by the commercial world.  It is also known as an authentic land where life is characterized by intense spirituality. Popularly known as Little Tibet, the rich traditions of Mahayana Buddhism still flourish in the purest form.


In the furthest far flung corner of Ladakh near the Indus Valley lies the capital city Leh at 3,505 meters(11,500 feet) above sea level. This beautiful capital city is one of the most beautiful entry points to enter the Ladakh region and has gained a lot of popularity among foreigners since 1974.
Beautifully enveloped by two of the world’s largest mountain ranges and surrounded by alpine dessert, Leh’s rough and rocky landscape with full of historic Buddhist monasteries makes an incredible sight to behold.


How to Reach:


By Road:

By road, Leh is connected to all major places in India. Approx. Distance between Leh and Delhi is 1047Km, 434Km rom Srinagar, 230 Km from Kargil, 494km from Manali and 690km from Jammu.

By Air:

Ladakh is well connected by air with Jammu, Srinagar and New Delhi.

By Rail:

The nearest rail-head to this beautiful place is Jammu Tawi connected with all the major towns and cities of India.


The landscape of Ladakh is one of the glorious landscapes in the world painted in colors that only nature could choose.  The picturesque rough and rocky terrain of Leh appeal most to trekking lovers and should not be compared with a hill station like Srinagar. The clean, dry and pure air backed by magnificent scenery and warm hospitality of the happy people makes Ladakh a truly memorable.



Bon Appetite with Persian Food


“There is no love sincerer than the love of food”~ George Bernard Shaw.
Iranian cuisine is considered as one of the most important and influential cuisines known across the globe.  The cuisine prides in having no less than two and a half thousand years of saffron-rosewater scented history. It is also believed that the foods of the royal courts of ancient Persia included perfumed stews topped with cinnamon, mint, and pomegranate with an extra dose of stuffed fruits and vegetables.  Persian cuisine is also regarded as the original mother cuisine.


One of the best things about the Persian Kitchen is, while planning for meals, season accompanied by people’s nature and illness is always considered and based on that cold or hot or a combination of the two foods will be prepared. Iranians are known as the avid consumers of dairy products and many Iranians even make their own yogurt and cheese at home.


Iranians pride themselves on their expertise in preparing rice, accompanied by vast varieties of two common dishes, Polo and Chelo. Polo is the dish containing vegetables or meat cooked and mixed with rice, and Chelo is prepared over the course of long hours topped with crustier rice topped with sauces.
Lamb is considered as all-time favorite meat of Iran, but Kid, beef and chicken are also found. Seafood is very rarely eaten, and pork and alcohol is forbidden.  Iranians also enjoy green salads with Olive oil, and during season eat lot of olives, grapes, pumpkins and all kinds of fruits either fresh or cooked with meat and rice. Few popular dishes in Iranian cuisine includes, Dolmeh (most commonly refer to vine leaves stuffed with a perfect blend of meat, rice and sometimes with fruit or vegetable), stuffed cabbage leaves, eggplant, tomato, spinach, pepper or apple.


The Iranian sweets must be seen to be believed. Rosewater, orange, pistachio and honey are mainly used as flavoring agent. Baklava and Halva are prepared on special occasions. Each area consists of its own method for the preparation of biscuits and candies.

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It’s Never Too Late for Chocolates…

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Here’s a brain twister- What word comes from Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, pronounced originally as xocolātl that translates to ‘Sour Water’? Do I hear the brain cells popping??

Be presently surprised- the word is Chocolate.

Wrapped Chocolate -  Fresh HD Wallpapers

From humble origins, Chocolate has emerged tall as a social and cultural phenomenon. The ultimate treat for kids and anyone with a sweet tooth, the icebreaker on first dates, the preferred choice on Valentine’s day, the aphrodisiac…scores of poems have been penned, words been written about the everlasting charm, and simple pleasures of biting into a bar of chocolate. One of life’s little pleasures indeed!!


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Musings on Easter

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With Easter coming up, I thought of writing about this festival and its significance to Christianity.  I wonder if most of the people know the origins of Easter. Easter is much more than Easter eggs, Easter bunnies and basket. It represents the eternal life that is gifted to those who believe in Jesus Christ. Easter is celebrated by Christians to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However the date of the festival is not fixed, it comes on the first Sunday of a full moon day after March 21. It usually falls between March 21 and April 25.

pic 1

Easter is a holy festival and is celebrated by Christians around the world. The celebration involves a dimly lit church with special prayers sung in praise of Jesus Christ. It is then followed by an elaborate Sunday mass. In countries like Poland, the celebration involves large processions being carried out in the church followed by an elaborate mass. People also do lots of charity on this day and sing happy prayers to commemorate the rising of Jesus Christ from the dead.

Easter Traditions:


There are many traditions that come with Easter- sweet and baked goods, Easter eggs, the Easter bunnies, candies and baskets followed by huge dinner to celebrate Easter.

The colored  Easter eggs symbolizes new life and people exchange them with friends to remind everyone of the resurrection of Christ. Rabbits are the powerful symbol of fertility and new life so therefore the symbol of Easter. It is believed that the Easter Bunny will bring baskets with Easter eggs, sweets and toys to children the night before Easter. The bunny will hide the baskets somewhere in the house, engaging the children on the delightful game of Easter eggs hunting.

Hot Cross buns are another Easter Tradition which was specifically kept for Good Friday with the symbolism of the cross. Hot cross buns were made and eaten on Good Friday as it is believed they had curative powers.


We might have forgotten the true meaning of Easter, but every moment is a fresh beginning. Let’s take the time this Easter to reflect on our own life and the significance of these mystical Easter symbols.

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Find New Beginnings with Ugadi

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Ugadi Festival Bangalore

Ugadi, the start of the New Year according to the Hindu calendar is here. In line with the mysticism and tradition associated with the Hindu culture, the name Ugadi or Yugadi is derived from the Sanskrit word Yuga (age) and ādi (beginning) – ‘the beginning of a new age’. And indeed, this holy festival is all about new beginnings, the cleansing of the old, while being respectful of the lessons learnt. An important realisation for the busy times we live in, don’t you think?

Best Ugadi Deals

This Ugadi let the indications be strong for the hearty, healthy and happy times that lie ahead. May the dejection of yesterday be replaced by the promise of tomorrow, and dreams that seem improbable be yours to achieve. Essentially a harvest festival, Ugadi is celebrated under different names in India. It’s ‘Ugadi’ in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, while in Maharashtra it is known as Gudi Padwa, Rajasthanis celebrate it as Thapna, while the Sindhis call it Cheti Chand. While the Punjabis celebrate it as Baisakhi, a form of Ugadi is also celebrated in Mauritius, Bali and Indonesia. Truly, Ugadi is a universal festival of unity and celebration.

Ugadi Food

Symbolically, the festival of Ugadi is initiated by eating a dish that comprises of six distinct tastes. This simple act reflects the fact that life is a mixture of six different emotions- sadness, happiness, anger, fear, disgust and surprise. Each must be acknowledged and accepted together with perfect balance through the New Year, to find salvation and personal peace. And that, is just what Ugadi is all about- the realization that life is too short to be fixated on trivialities, and that there are always second chances and new beginnings.

We, at tobocdeals.com, wish everyone a happy and prosperous Ugadi. We wish that you find your own new beginnings, and the will to walk down your own path. Bon Voyage!

Bura Na Maano Holi Hai!

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Among all Hindu festivals, Holi is undoubtedly the most fun-filled and boisterous festival of all times. Holi is the occasion that brings in unadulterated joy and mirth, fun and plays music and dance with loads of colours and joy.

After the break of winters, Holi is the perfect time to come out of the warm cocoons and welcome the spring season with colours and glory. Every year Holi is celebrated the day after the full moon in early March. The festival glorifies good harvest and fertility of the land. The new crops are filled in every household and mark the riotous merriment during the festival.



Like all other Hindu festivals, Holi is also linked to mythical tales. It is believed that at least three legends are directly associated with the festival of colors: The Holika-Hiranyakashipu- Prahlad story, Lord Shiva’s killing of Kamadeva, and the story of the ogress Dhundhi.

The festival of colors is celebrated to the fullest through the whole length of three days:

Holi Day 1

The first day of Holi also known as Holi Purnima marks the beginning of the first day of three days long celebration. A platter is arranged with powdered colors and colored water in a brass pot. The eldest member of the family will apply colors on each member of the family, and followed by the young members.

Holi Day 2

On the second day the images of Holika are burnt in keeping with the legend of Holika and Prahlad story. In many parts of India , this day is also known as ‘Holika Dahan’ and is celebrated by lightening huge bonfires as part of the community celebration where people gather near the fire along with their children, so that they are blessed by Agni, the god of fire.

Holi Day 3

The final day of the festival is called ‘Parya’, when children, young men and women visit each other’s home and colored gulal is smeared on each other’s face and bodies. Pichkaari’s and water balloons are filled with colored water and spurted onto people.

Happy Holi 2012 - Yogesh Goel - ygoel.com (101)


Colorful days, solemn rituals, grand celebrations– Holi is a boisterous occasion. People usually dress in white, throng the streets in large numbers and smear each other with bright colors and colored water through pichkari’s. There is exchange of greetings, blessings and good wishes along with dance and music and Holi delicacies.

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